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Careers that work to touch the lives of 7 billion people.

One Career Can Change the Lives of Many. Make It Yours.

If you’re someone who is motivated by the idea of working for a cause, Mylan may be the place for you. We are unconventional and constantly challenge the status quo. 

Every day, our people come to work knowing they help make a difference in the lives of the patients around the world by providing access to high quality medicine. We each have a role to play in supporting Mylan's mission to provide 7 billion people with access to high quality medicine. 

We call this 7B:1.

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  • Quality

    As part of the Quality capability, you may work in operations, systems or compliance. Each department is responsible for ensuring all Mylan medicines are safe and effective and meet our customers’ needs. Members of the Quality team all share a passion for detail. In fact, our Quality Assurance team helped develop a quality control system that exceeds Food and Drug Administration requirements.
  • Supply Chain

    At the end of every supply chain is one of 7 billion people who depends on us for high-quality medicine. As part of the Supply Chain capability, employees are responsible for coordinating communications, eliminating bottlenecks, ensuring transparency and optimising efficiencies between Mylan and our suppliers, resellers and consumers. Meeting these challenges means that Mylan consistently delivers the right amount of product to our customers.
  • Scientific affairs

    Working to get high-quality medicine to the world’s 7 billion people is a primary goal of those in the Scientific Affairs capability. Here you'll have the opportunity to work with team members from R&D, marketing, compliance, regulatory affairs, product safety and market development to implement strategies that support our mission and ensure our company remains robust and strong.
  • Medical affairs

    As part of the Medical Affairs capability, you’ll ask questions like “What if?” and “What’s next?” as you help drive growth and innovation in the areas of biogenerics, respiratory products, speciality medicines and generics. Whether your skills lie in clinical research, clinical operations, product safety, risk management, pharmacovigilance, publication management, information management or product support and commercialisation, you’ll be an integral member of our team.
  • Manufacturing

    Joining the Manufacturing capability means you ’re always finding ways to improve our products. Whether optimising a manufacturing site as part of Strategy, leading day-to-day work as part of Operations or working within the areas of development rationalisation, capital and capacity management, engineering, operational excellence and environmental health and safety, your goal is the same: Increase efficiencies, reduce costs, set and exceed quality standards and ensure the supply of high-quality medicine.
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Last Updated  01/04/2019