Access Channels

When your mission is to provide 7 billion people access to high-quality medicine, how do you get the medicine to them?

Mylan applies one global quality standard across our facilities, and across our product line, . . regardless of market. During the manufacturing and packaging process, Mylan uses advanced monitoring and evaluation systems to ensure products meet specifications.

With these measures in place, we leverage a broad network of local and global access channels that include doctors, institutions, governments, retailers and wholesalers.

These are relationships we've built and nurtured over decades. Because trust goes beyond our global quality standards. It’s all about caring for the people helped by what we do. That’s how we treat our partners as well.

When you choose us as a partner, we make the relationship—and the shared value it creates—a priority. After all, it’s important to us that you benefit from the work we do together.

If you dispense our difficult-to-manufacture and difficult-to-formulate products, you should know our commitment to producing them is long-term. Whether it’s a medication for millions or for a handful of people, our priorities are to meet or exceed industry standards.

Who We Serve

  • Doctors


    Hundreds of Mylan representatives call on thousands of doctors every day. Through these meetings, we’re better able to meet their needs and deliver on our commitment to provide doctors and their patients with access to high-quality medicine.

    We also support doctors with initiatives like our Reassurance Programme in India. This programme helps patients with HIV/AIDS understand their condition and stay connected with their doctors between visits.

  • Institutions


    Our institutional customers include a wide range of hospitals, long-term care facilities, group purchasing organisations, integrated delivery networks and speciality chemists. We also work closely with many leading group purchasing organisations to ensure generic and brand name products are available to healthcare providers within the hospital environment.

    Our unit dose package formats include injectables, premixed mini-bags and single-dose and multi-dose vials. These packaging innovations help improve inventory control, reduce dispensing errors and promote the Rights of Medication Administration.

  • NACO Partnership


    Our government partners include the Indian National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) and South Africa’s Department of Health. In India, we’re NACO’s leading supplier of HIV/AIDS medicines and help support its objective to halt and reverse the HIV/AIDS epidemic through integrated prevention, treatment and care and support programmes. In South Africa, we’re also one of the leading suppliers of HIV/AIDS medicines.

    We also work with governments around the world through policy initiatives aimed at increasing generic use and improving access to high-quality medicine.

  • Retailers


    We supply national and international chains as well as independent chemists. Our series of educational materials helps chemists empower their customers with information and answers about common conditions.
  • Mylan Wholesalers


    Mylan’s worldwide relationships with wholesalers are vital to ensuring our products reach the people who need them in approximately 145 countries and territories.
Last Updated  04/08/2017