Humbled by the Past, Inspired by the Future


Humbled by the Past, Inspired by the Future

Behind the growth of any great organisation is a financial strategy and team relentlessly focused on the resources of the company. Today we spotlight Caroline Dixon, our Head of Finance for Northern Europe for insight into how she works to create value for Mylan and how she finds inspiration being part of our dramatic growth story.

Can we start with a little background about your career journey?

Certainly, I am a mathematics graduate and chartered accountant by training, first applying my skills as an auditor before entering the healthcare industry. Before joining Mylan, I had spent almost 15 years in various finance roles of increasing responsibility and I can’t believe it’s now been ten years with Mylan!  My role at Mylan has expanded over time – initially I was responsible for Finance in the UK, which in the last couple of years has expanded to now cover Northern Europe as we have grown with our acquisitions, product portfolio and geographic reach.

Outside of work, I’m a mother to three bright and active teenagers, the oldest of which is autistic.

Congrats on your trajectory and what an amazing journey! What attracted you to Mylan initially?

I joined Mylan through the Merck Generics acquisition, and what was really obvious through the process was how much Mylan wanted us and for lack of a better analogy, it really felt like a win-win.

Mylan leadership had a really strong presence pulling our teams together throughout the deal and conveying a strong vision and sense of urgency. It was a competitive bid, but our team really wanted Mylan to win, not just for the strategic, synergistic fit, but because it felt like they were creating a winning environment for a new and growing organisation. For me it was the right culture and the emerging organisation provided the support to shape a new finance function from day one

When you look back, how did the company feel right after you joined versus now? What has driven that change?

When I first joined, Mylan felt dynamic, fast moving and very entrepreneurial. It was refreshing to see the speed with which they moved – I was coming from a much more conservative organisation. I really latched onto the clear vision and it was motivating to see that it was being actioned quickly. I was actively working with the US team to integrate processes and reporting methods and I constantly shared our integration efforts with my team.

Today, Mylan has transcended the entrepreneurial message to a more mature and aspirational vision as a leading provider of healthcare in the world. It’s a really powerful message that connects with me and my team because we see senior leadership hugely visible within the organisation engaging employees and communicating our wins and advances at each step of the journey towards that goal.

Our culture today is perhaps best embodied in a simple, yet powerful slogan we use internally: Connect. Communicate. Collaborate. We use it constantly to engender partnership at all levels of the organisation.

That sounds really attractive! How have you personally grown at the company and remained so committed to our vision, even after 10 years?

I think personally, it’s been tremendously rewarding to build a team that is consistently viewed as a partner to the business and also an agent of both change and stability throughout a period of tremendous transformation.

Initially in the UK, having a stable and high-quality finance team took us to a level of partnership with the business from where we have never looked back. Integration of the Mylan EPD and Meda teams has built us an even stronger, dynamic team in the UK and across my cluster. I’m very proud of my teams.

During the last ten years, with my family growing from toddlers to teenagers and my scope growing from UK to Northern Europe, and the product range growing from generics to a diverse portfolio of generics, brands and OTC, my journey in both family and home life has seemed to run in parallel.

I credit my family for supporting and helping me contribute at Mylan and having a son with autistic needs has not only taught me many things about human dynamics and individual needs at home; but also provided me with coping mechanisms at work, and a desire to keep driving for what is right.  Attitude defines altitude, and the human mind is a powerful thing! 

What makes Mylan a special place for you to work?

I guess for me it’s a combination of factors. Firstly, Mylan’s raison d’etre

Our mission is clear; we are here to do good and to do well. It seems so obvious; the business has to do well in order to have the means to do good. It’s a clear and powerful combination. 

Within that fits my individual commitment to providing high quality, affordable healthcare to the 7 Billion people on this planet.

I think secondly, I’ve always had a sense of belonging here – I know and have seen that I can make a difference for the company, it’s indeed a special place, and I’ve been given multiple development opportunities to help the business and myself grow along the way.

If we had a chance to write the brochure for working at the company – I think it would be around the opportunity to truly make a difference and let each applicant and employee find their own sense of responsibility towards our 7 Billion population globally. That’s what we’re here to do. There isn’t really any comparison – this is a dynamic and truly inspired organisation.

Lastly for me is the future – I truly feel Mylan is shaping the direction of healthcare. Our portfolio is expanding and broadening, and we are growing geographically into new markets and constantly adding capability. It’s nice to look back and feel a sense of accomplishment, but it’s the future ahead that keeps me wanting to come to work.

How uplifting! Thank you so much Caroline for sharing your own story with the company and inspiring others in our journey.

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Date of Publication: October 2018