Enhancing patient access through innovation.

The world is facing a mounting healthcare challenge. Increasing pressure on healthcare systems are being fuelled by ageing populations and a rise in chronic diseases and co-morbidity. Inequality in access to medicines, particularly in underfunded, developing regions, is further adding to the global healthcare challenge.

Tackling the challenges

A new approach in how we resolve these challenges is critical to the future of global health. Further innovation in medicines is key to providing tangible, holistic solutions to many healthcare problems.

In our view, biosimilars – medicines which are proven to be highly similar and clinically equivalent to the originator drug and meet the same high standards of quality, safety, and efficacy in terms of their reference drug – represent a game-changing opportunity to make a significant difference and are an important development in transforming the healthcare landscape on a global scale.


Quite simply, biosimilars will improve access to essential life-saving and life-enhancing medicines while helping healthcare systems face the challenge of mounting financial pressures.

We are already seeing evidence of cost-savings. Since biosimilars were first introduced in the EU in 2006, 1.5 billion Euros in savings have been made in the EU5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK)1 . The expectation for this to continue is high; in the UK alone, the NHS is expecting to make further savings of £300 million by 20212 by using biosimilars, which could employ 9,000 new nurses3 .

These savings are being put to good use, with patient access to treatments for serious illnesses including cancer and diabetes, increasing by 44% in the same period across the EU5 thanks to biosimilars4 . As the EU approves more biosimilar treatments5, the potential is that biosimilars will be of great value – affordable, high quality medicines that will allow more people than ever to access treatment for serious, chronic illnesses regardless of geography or wealth.

Better health for a better world

Given the very real global need, Mylan is committed to bringing biosimilars to market and already has a 20-strong portfolio under development across multiple therapy areas.

Mylan’s belief is that the 7 billion people across the globe deserve access to high-quality, affordable medicine. Whether it is in the more developed parts of the world or in those regions where domestic challenges are barriers to proper treatment, care and access, Mylan is committed to helping patients get the treatment they need.


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Date of Publication: November 2018

Last Updated  02/11/2018